Survey Of The Housing Needs Of The Chemically Injured

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of this Housing Survey?  The purpose of the Housing Survey is to evaluate the need for specialized, low-toxicity housing in the chemically injured community.

Why is this Housing Survey important?  The first step in any planning is to get the facts, and that is what this exercise is all about. There is a need for solid, quantitative facts that will become the foundation of any planning or decision making. It is important to have a broad spectrum of data to develop a realistic plan that addresses the actual need. Consequently, this housing survey is a fact-gathering exercise.

Will this data be shared with others, such as governments or non-profit organizations? Only collective numbers will be shared with governments or non-profit organizations. The personal data will be kept confidential within our company.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my personal data? If you have questions regarding your personal data, please contact Flora Preston. 613-259-5300 or 877-515-5300 or

How long will the survey be open? The survey began June 3, 2019 and will go until November 30, 2019.

Does the survey comply with the European Union privacy laws (General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR)? Yes, it does now. The initial survey that was launched on June 3, 2019 did not comply with the GDPR, as we were unaware of the EU privacy laws. However, as soon as we learned about the laws requiring us to give you complete control over your personal data, we immediately modified the survey to comply with these laws. Then we emailed everyone who had filled out the initial survey, and who had given us an email address. These ones were informed of the modifications and given the opportunity to respond to the new questions (the first 4 questions). They were given the opportunity to give or refuse their consent regarding their personal data.

Did the survey change? Yes. For a variety of reasons, the initial survey needed to be changed. So it was taken down, revised and is now up and running again. The questions of the initial survey and the current survey are identical, except that the current survey now has 4 new questions that seek the consent of the respondents. Additionally, every question (except the consent questions) now gives the respondents the choice to answer: "Prefer Not To Say". Also every question gives an explanation as to why we are requesting that particular data.

I filled out the initial survey. Will my information still be included in the survey data? Yes! All the responses of the initial survey will be amalgamated together with the responses of the current survey. Your information is not lost, as your contribution is highly valued. It enables the data collected to reflect reality. 

If I did the initial survey form, can I redo the survey using the current revised survey? Yes, you can. However, we request that you state that you did the survey on the initial form. The place to state that information is at the end, where you are asked to share any additional comments. This will really help us when we do the amalgamating process of the responses.

I'm homeless, because I can't find a safe, low-toxicity place to live. Therefore I can't give contact information or location information, as it is always changing. Does that matter? Can I still fill out the survey? Yes! For you, finding a safe place to call home is extremely urgent. Therefore we really would like to hear from you. When you fill out the form, give the current location you are in.  At the bottom of the survey, in the "Additional Comments" section, if you want and if you are able, you can leave contact information of a family member or friend.

What if I'm a Canadian citizen, but I'm living in the US in my search for a safe place to live. My desire is to return to live in a safe home in Canada. How can I express that in the survey? That is important information to communicate to us. You can share it at the bottom of the survey, in the "Additional Comments" section. This also applies to anyone living in one country, but wanting to live back in their home country, if they can find a safe place to call home.

I have trust issues. Will my information be kept confidential? Yes. The personal data will be kept confidential within our company. Only collective numbers will be shared with governments, other companies or non-profit organizations.

I don't want to give my name in the survey. Can I fill out the survey, but just not give my name? Yes you can. It will be recorded as anonymous, or just leave it blank.

Why participate in the Housing Survey? It is important to have a broad spectrum of data to develop a realistic plan that addresses the actual need. This housing survey seeks to accomplish this. Consequently, we urge you to participate so that the data collected reflects reality. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

You are a Canadian company. Why are you collecting data from countries other than Canada? This is a global health dilemma. At the current time, no country is rising to the challenge of meeting this humongous need. However, often it is true that what happens in one country can influence what happens in another country. Therefore, we believe that this fact-gathering exercise can be put to good use.

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